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  Jan 21st. 2007
  This is all the stuff I've written over the last year that I have not posted here.
If you have a MySpace account you may have read them there.
               Thoughts on Communion NEW
               Correct Words Verses Truth NEW
               My believing is dependent on His knowing NEW
               The Beggar and the Benefactor NEW
               Acts 17:28 continued……………Thoughts on living and moving NEW
               Acts 17:28 continued...............Thoughts on being NEW
               Acts 17:28 NEW
  December 13th. 2005
               Merry Christmas
  November 8th.
               Old Dreams, New Plans
  September 18th.
               Who Am I?
  August 6th.
               Writings from an Old Book
  July 13th.
               Works Tried by Fire
  June 7th.
               To Do or Not To Do
  April 30th.
               Intimacy Damage (Part Five...Continued)
  April 1st.
               Intimacy Damage (Part Five)
  March 2nd.
               Intimacy Damage (Part Four)
               Personal Note
March 1st. Email From A Friend
  Feb 22nd.
             Intimacy Damage (Part Three)
             Intimacy Damage (Part Two)
             Intimacy Damage (Part One)
  Jan 24th. Fading Memories