Below is an email I got from a friend of mine. She was writing in response to Intimacy Damage Part 3. It reminded me how often we forget that the people in the bible are human just like us. The great ones we read about were simply people who loved God and what made them great was that God loved them back. I hope you enjoy the email like I did.

Hi JT--
    I've never thought about how God was so considerate (such a small word for such a big idea...) and willing to take care of the small things
that honestly didn't matter one whit. He didn't belittle the idea that
Adam and Eve were ashamed of their nakedness instead He provided for that as well because He so desperately wanted to be with them. He took away things he just considered a nuisance and at the same time the nuisance is all we see!

(Can't you see a man and woman dancing around in scratchy fig leaves, trying to keep them from tearing or falling, their hearts beating furiously and the adrenaline flooding their bodies all the while struggling with a darn LEAF and silly twigs. I can't even imagine how the conversation went! And think how incredibly relieved they were to be given a soft animal covering and how hard it must have been to change "clothes"... I mean, did they ask God to turn around?
And did they think, "Wow, this is gonna be hot." I mean, at that point,
do you complain?)

Everything--EVERYTHING He has done has been just so we will be with Him...because He so desperately wants to be with us. However, I still don't get the pain of childbirth part... I must say, I didn't feel so close to anyone as I healed... Nor am I convinced that the pain was restricted to the "birthing" part. I'm SURE the original text was closer to "pain during child rearing".