Old Dreams, New Plans

    Patience, I don't think we even know the meaning of that word. Most of us think we have patience if we don't get mad because we had to wait 20 minutes to order our food at a restaurant. I know I don't have much patience even though I think I'm starting to understand about it a little more.
    Why do I bring up something that we all hate to hear about? Well for me it is because a little over a year ago God brought back to my mind something He put on my heart some 23 years ago. I had pushed it to the back of my mind for many years because it seemed so impossible and it didn't seem that God was doing anything to cause it to happen. It's funny how we let our dreams die because we have no patience. We settle for things far less than we dream or create something in our own power that we think will take the place of them and satisfy us.
    This all brings me to what is on my mind tonight. Over the last year Jason and I have talked about our desire to have a Christian camp. This is the thing that God put on my heart 23 years ago. My desire then was to minister to people by teaching them how they could be pleasing to God, (makes me gag to think about that). It didn't take long for that to change after trying to please Him for a few years I saw that I was pleasing to Him based on the work of the cross and not by anything I did or did not do. I'm glad I didn't get my wish to work at or start a camp back then. Jason and I, having quite a bit of camp experience between us, knew what it would take to build and operate a camp facility. My thing I asked him every time I talked with him was "has anyone given you a million dollars today?". Of course nobody has but I still ask from time to time. Our desire has grown as the year has passed and we talked about ways we could see our dream come true.
    During this time I was also struggling with what I was supposed to be doing. For a while it seemed like no doors would open and I might starve but we know that wouldn't happen. J One job opportunity came up that would have been a great job but not where my heart was but due to money concerns I decide to pursue it. God closed the door on that one. Another possibility was to work for my old boss in a new company he had started up but he didn't think that it would be possible till December. This was the way I wanted to go but didn't have a clue how I would survive until then. Well he called me back in July and wanted to get together and talk about the job. I left that meeting employed again the only catch is that I'm on full commission with no salary. That has its good points and bad. The job is selling 4 sided planer molders. If you want to know what that is you can check out the website at www.planerpro.com.
    The good thing about this is that I have sold these type planers before and did well at it; the bad thing is that production has been delayed on them till the first of the year. We have been doing odd jobs to keep the company going while we wait on the planers to enter production and I have been able to get enough hours to scrape by working at these things. I tell you all of this because it has a great deal to do with our desire to start our camp. Before I went to talk with my boss Charlie in July, I sat down and started thinking how I wanted this job to be and what I wanted to get out of it. As I thought about that it came to my mind that I could sell planers from anywhere.
    Jason and I had thought that East Texas might be the place we wanted the camp so the idea struck me that after we got things rolling here that I could move there and continue to sell from there. The more I thought about it I realized that if I could make enough money in the next three years and then move I could have enough saved to open an equipment sales business that would support Jason and myself. The thing I realized was that this camp idea was so big; if we didn't make plans then it would never happen even if we have no clue how the plans will happen. With that in mind I looked at what I had done in sales before and what I thought I would be able to sell with the new planer. I figured what I would need to make on commission to achieve this three-year goal and that was what I asked for when I met with Charlie and told him what my plan was. Guess what? The answer was yes to all of it. I don't know how all of this will play out since I'm not three years down the road but it looks good at the moment.
    In talking with Jason we decided that we needed to sit down and talk about our heart for this camp and some specific thoughts and plans. It had been over a year since I had seen Jason face to face so we made plans to get together. On October 13th we sat down over a cup of coffee along with another friend of ours (John Cordova) and asked the question, "What is our ministry purpose for this camp and what do we want to see happen there?" You can sum up the answer in one verse,

Psalm 34:8 Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

    We want people to get a taste of God and see that He is good and that blessed is the man who trusts in Him and not in his self. It brings tears to my eyes now as I think about us setting and talking about that verse and the desire we have for people to taste and know God in an intimate relationship.
    I tell you this story for several reasons, one would be that you would pray for us as we continue down this road and make plans. The other one is to encourage you not to give up on the dreams that God has put on your heart. I can't say how God will fill the desire in my heart for this or if the plans we make now will come to pass like we think but I believe I must follow Him and the desires that came with the new heart He gave me at the cross. Why He has not let me settle for less, I can only account for by His grace. Like I said, I had pushed this out of my mind but He brought it back. A few months ago I was thinking, this job will make me a good living and future and He closed the door. I can't explain why or how God works the way He does but I know that He always does what is best for me.
    I will write more about our plans later and give more detail on what we think will happen in the coming years.

My Prayer for Today:
God let me follow You today and if that doesn't match my plans then give me the wisdom and the grace to change them. God live your plan through me.